Managing Your Members

The Manage Members section in your settings allows to you easily see the statuses of your account members, change their access levels and permissions, invite members, deactivate, delete and export your member's list.


Learn more about the invitation process: Invite Members to Officevibe

Edit Member Information

If you click on someone's profile, you have different options: 

  • Edit/add/or delete a profile picture (unless daily sync is active)
  • Confirm which email address is being used in Officevibe (this is your username)
  • Edit first/last name (both needs to be entered)
  • Change survey language
  • Edit job title
  • Confirm status
  • Change permissions
  • Edit proprieties
  • Edit teams
  • See the date of recent changes

Once you've made the necessary changes, you simply need to click on the Update Profile button.


Depending on your level of permissions, you may not see some information or may not be able to perform specific actions. Contact your Officevibe administrator for more information. 

Modifying properties (values) assigned to a member will update the membership of your Segments


You can see/edit the team(s) this member is part of or manages. 


Administrators can grant this permission to Managers via the Settings > Permissions section

You can also see when the Member was first invited to join Officevibe in the profile history at the bottom of the page.


Export your Officevibe Member List 

If you have administrator permission in your Officevibe account, you are able to export your members' list. 


If you have more than 5,000 members, you can only export the list via Officevibe's API. The Export button will not be visible in-app.

Bulk edit your members

Bulk provisioning using an Excel file

Officevibe allows you to bulk invite/manage employees using an Excel file.

This file can also be used to create teams and give managers permissions in-app. 

Check out this article for more details: Bulk Provisioning for Members & Teams (Paid Plan Option)

Automated daily sync via an integration

Officevibe several integrations to choose from in order to automate your members' management. 

Check out the list here: Integrations Available With Officevibe