Officevibe Scores and Survey Report

Officevibe helps Managers understand how their Teams feel, by providing in-depth and visual reports, which can be found in Analytics - Survey Reports. Here are the scores you have access to within that area: 

  1. Overall Engagement Score and Metric Scores
  2. Question Results
  3. Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)
  4. Participation rate

Overall Engagement Score and Metric Scores

Our Surveys are built based on research and benchmarking. We've worked with top players like Gallup and Deloitte, through which realized through our studies that there were essentially 10 aspects that have the most impact on their level of engagement. This is how we developed our 10 key metrics approach

The Overall Engagement Report and Metric Scores will always be presented as a score out of 10 and are calculated on a rolling 90-day average, meaning the score represents the results for that last 90-days. The scores are refreshed once a day as the Survey responses are calculated and aggregated. We first calculate a score at the individual level before we do the average you see them applied at the Overall level. Each employee has the same weight in the calculation and everyone's scores are aggregated equally. If an employee answers the same question twice in the 90-day time period, we will only consider the latest answer. 

You have access to all of the historical data from when you first started using Officevibe and if you hover over the graph line, you'll see what the specific scores were per date. You can see this at the overall level, as well as at the individual metric level. 


Here is the view at the Metric level, when you click into an individual metric or click on "View Breakdown". 


Read more about the Engagement Score here.


Questions Results

Next, you will see the tile for the Question Report, which will show you the 3 most recently answered questions from the members in your account. This allows you to have a small update on the last questions answered but also ensures you have a door to the Question report results. 


The questions are categorized by sub-metrics and metrics to calculate the overall engagement scores. You can access all of 120 questions in-app, by clicking on "See all questions". We will display the distribution of answers for each of the questions, and advise if the data is reliable by noting if the results are based on an extensive sample or a partial sample. 



Read more about the Question Results here.


Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

This score is solely based on the following question “On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend your organization as a good place to work?” This question reoccurs every 3 months, to all employees, at different intervals.


The employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) reflects how likely your team is to recommend your company as a good place to work. The score (from -100 to 100) is calculated by subtracting % of detractors (those who have scored 0-6) from % of promoters (those who have scored 9-10).


Read more about the eNPS here.


Participation Rate

The participation rate is calculated over a 30-day period and shows the number of Active members you have in your account. Active members are those who have answered at least one survey question in the last 30-days. You can also see the level of participation over time, but using your mouse to hover over any point in the graph! In the Member management section, you can also send a reminder to the Inactive Team Members to encourage participation in the surveys to increase your participation rate. 


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