Bulk Provisioning for Members & Teams (Paid Plan Option)

Managing your members and teams on Officevibe can be done easily via the Bulk Provisioning tab using our downloaded Excel file.

Here's how to create and fill in your file to ensure that the import is successful!

1. Download your Excel file

The file must first be downloaded from the platform - Only an Administrator has this ability. Go into your Organization Settings and then into the Bulk Provisioning tab which is in the Member and team management section. Click Download File. 


If integration is configured, you'll need to deactivate the integration first. This will allow you to apply changes manually. Afterward, you can reactivate the integration.


2. Edit and fill in your Excel file

When you have downloaded the file, you will get an Excel document with all of the current details of the members in your account. You will want to replace those details with the details of the members you are looking to invite: 

Email: The employee's email (all lowercase). This will be the employee's username. To change an employee's email address refer to the procedure here.

First Name: The employee's first name.

Name: The employee's last name.

Title (optional): The employee's job title.

Email of the immediate manager (optional): The email (in lowercase) of the employee's immediate manager will be used to create teams. All should have a supervisor except the CEO.

Note: If you want to add the employee to several teams, you will have to do it manually
in the application or via a CSV import.

Preferred language (optional): Survey language. Here are the options: 

  • English
  • Français
  • Español
  • Português
  • Deutsche

Is Executive Manager (optional): Set "TRUE" if the employee should have executive manager access.

The other columns correspond to properties that you must first define in the application: Officevibe Member's Properties. 



3. Upload your Excel File

Once you have entered the details for the members you are looking to invite, you can save your file in .xlsx format. Now that your file is ready to go, you can upload it into the 'Drag & Drop' section. 


If this is your first import, you can create employees to invite them later, or invite them directly via email. To do this, go to the Settings> Organization Details> Invite members>  create.




4. Review and Confirm your upload

When you attempt to upload the Excel file, you will be prompted with the changes the document will make in the account and any errors in your document. 


Note: If this is your first import, you will have to finalize the organizational structure manually in the application by combining teams (ex: team A + team B + team C = Department ABC).
If you click on "VIEW", you'll have the details for all modifications and/or errors. 


5. Keep members up to date

The file can be used after your first import to keep your list of members up to date. You'll need to download the file from Officevibe every time you want to make changes. 

  • By adding lines in the file, you can invite new members.
  • By removing existing members from the file, you can deactivate their Officevibe profile.
  • By adding the email of the immediate manager, you can either add the employee to an existing team or create new teams.
  • By modifying the property associated with an employee in the file, the system will update your segments.