Send Survey Reminders and View Inactive Users

What is an Inactive User? 

A Team Member who has not answered at least one Pulse Survey question in the last 30 days.

The participation rate is calculated on a 30-day time frame. If your account's surveys are set up monthly, and a Team Member misses even one survey, they will be marked as Inactive.

This will affect your participation rate.

An Inactive Member will continue to get prompted with Surveys, as they are included in your billing.


How to Encourage Inactive Users to Participate in the Pulse Survey

Send reminder emails

Sending reminder emails helps boost participation rates and achieve high participation.

When you start using Workleap Officevibe you will also start to receive Feedback. While this may feel overwhelming to you at first, answering Feedback that comes in over the first 30 days is critical, whether it’s constructive or positive. Through your replies, you’ll be showing employees that their input matters and that their participation is valuable.


Send Reminders as an Executive or Team Manager

Team or Executive Managers can send Reminder emails via the Survey tab on the side menu > click the Send Survey reminder button above the graph. 

To avoid sending too many reminders, a reminder will not be sent if one has already been sent in the past 14 days.

You will not see who is active or inactive to protect anonymity.

You can customize the reminder message or simply click the Send reminder button for the default Reminder message. 

EN SR Popup.jpg


An additional way for Executive and Team Managers to send reminders is through the participation report.

If the participation percentage is within a certain threshold, you can choose to send reminders to your inactive members by clicking on the Send reminder button below the graph. 

Users with Administrator access rights only, are not able to access reports and thus cannot send Survey reminders in that way. However, should their role be paired with Executive Manager rights, they can proceed with this action.

Send Reminders as an Administrator 

To protect team member anonymity, Administrators are the only ones in the account who can see the identity of inactive Members. If you are also an Executive or a Team Manager, you will be able to send the Reminder Email to all of the Inactive members of your team(s). 

Administrators can view the list of Inactive Users by navigating to Officevibe settings > Surveys. They can then scroll down to the Pulse survey reminders section where they can perform the following actions:

EN PS Reminder Admins.jpg

  1. Send reminders to all inactive users, including adding a custom message with the reminder.
  2. View a list of inactive users, sorted by last active date (oldest first). Currently, there is no way to filter or export this list.

EN Inactice Members list.png