The features described in this article are coming soon.

Are you having a hard time remembering which permissions each role has? The Roles tab provides a clear view of which Workleap features users can access. In addition, use the Policies tab to configure user management policies and automatic invites.


The Roles tab provides an overview of every role's permissions as they apply to each Workleap product.

Select a product under a role to view the permissions the role has access to. 

You can see a list of users from the role at the top of each section. Select the users to see an exhaustive list of your organization's active users who currently hold that role.


User management

Use the toggles to activate or deactivate the following user management policies:

  • Team managers can invite new members - If active, Team managers can invite new users to their teams.
  • Team managers can modify their teams - If active, Team managers can add existing users from the organization to their teams or move users between the teams they manage.
  • Allow members to edit their identification - If active, users can edit their first name, last name, preferred name, and how their name appears in the app.
Note that all authenticated users can view your policy selections.

Automatic invite

Use the toggle to turn the automatic invite feature on or off. If active, new users are automatically invited to the Workleap platform and have access to the selected Workleap products.