Organization & Billing

The features described in this article are coming soon.

Organization details

Admins can update a number of organization-wide settings from the Organization details page. From here, you can update your organization's logo, name, default app language, default time zone, and default communication method for all your Workleap users. You can also delete your organization if necessary. Select Organization details from the Workleap Settings side menu to access your organization details.

Deleting your organization permanently deletes your entire organization's Workleap data.


The Billing page is your hub for managing your Workleap subscriptions and payment details. You can also explore new products and activate free trials. Admins can select Billing from the Workleap Settings side menu to access the Billing page.


The Subscriptions tab shows your Workleap account's active subscriptions. You can see various information about your subscription(s), such as your current subscription type, the amount of seats used, the renew date, and any active add-ons.

Browse all Workleap products from the Subscriptions tab. To start a product trial or freemium experience, select Try for free! next to a product you want to try. To upgrade a trial subscription, select Upgrade.

Manage a subscription

From the Subscriptions tab, select Manage next to a subscription to view its product details. Here, you can see an overview of your Workleap product subscription. You can also add seats (if applicable), change your plan, cancel your plan, and update any add-on selections (if applicable).

If you subscribe to multiple Workleap products, each product has its own product details page.

Billing and payment

Admins can update your organization's billing information and payment details from the Billing and payment tab.

Billing information

Here, you can update the email address, name, company name, and address associated with your Workleap subscription. All data in this section must match the credit card entered in the Payment details section.

Invoices are sent to the name and email address specified here.

Tax exemption

This section lets you set up tax exemption for your subscription if applicable. To do so, you must select a reason for tax exemption, provide the tax registration number, and upload a tax exemption certificate.

The Tax exemption section only appears when a valid address has been entered in the Billing information section.

Currency preferences

Here, you can see the currency preference selected when you first subscribed.

Once a subscription is active, you can no longer change your currency preference.

Payment details

Here, you can see the active credit card associated with your Workleap account. The credit card entered here must match the details in the Billing information section.

Billing history

The Billing history tab shows an organized view of your subscription's billing history. View each invoice's billing dates, status, and amount in the list, or select the download button to download an invoice.