Schedule your 1-on-1s: Multiple occurrences

With Workleap Officevibe 1-on-1s, you can schedule, plan, and invite Members to a collaborative agenda and schedule it for multiple occurrences.

This feature is available to all freemium and premium members of Workleap Officevibe. For more information, please read Invite Members to Workleap Officevibe

How it works

Some goals take longer to achieve and require regular check-ins to report progress, review priorities, discuss expectations, workload, and needs, unblock issues, and build the foundation for a successful collaboration.

When you create a new 1-on-1, you can set up a recurrence to have a series of meetings to bring clarity to your Team Member's responsibilities and expectations.


You can switch between meetings within the same series by selecting the date on the 1-on-1 agenda. This can be done after creating a new 1-on-1 and assigning it to a participant with a set recurrence. 

This feature is available to all users - Executive Manager, Team Manager, and Team Members.


You can schedule a 1-on-1 with multiple occurrences in Workleap Officevibe by following the steps below:

Step 1: Select an unscheduled 1-on-1 on the 1-on-1s main page. 


Step 2: Click Schedule 1-on-1 on the agenda page. 


Step 3: You can schedule the 1-on-1 by either synchronizing an existing meeting from your main calendar or scheduling it manually in Workleap Officevibe.

Read more on 1-on-1: Calendar integration to complete your Google calendar integration.

Team Members do not have access to the scheduling option when 1-on-1s are integrated with Google Calendar by their Team Manager. They can still add/edit/delete content on any agenda.


Step 4: Select a date for your first 1-on-1. A reminder is sent three days before the scheduled 1-on-1.


Step 5: Select a recurrence frequency. 

  • It is not possible to select a particular case such as the 3rd Thursday of every month.
  • You can download a .ics file that can be uploaded to your digital calendar.
  • If a recurring event is planned, a date is automatically added to the new agenda and the action items due date will apply to the next occurrence.


Step 6: Click the Save button, and you will see the date and time of your first 1-on-1 as well as a maximum of 50 future occurrences.

Any occurrence can be selected to view/add/edit/delete content and a recurring icon is displayed on the 1-on-1 card in the main list.

Easily access past conversations: If you have wrapped up agendas, you will now be able to access them directly from the agenda page, right next to the upcoming ones - ideal for remembering what was previously discussed. 

EN Wrapped 1-on-1.jpg


Edit schedule options

To edit the schedule of a recurring 1-on-1, click Edit schedule, select For this 1-on-1, apply the desired schedule options, and Save. 

EN Schedule 1-on-1.jpg


You can click Edit schedule to change the details entered earlier. To edit the schedule of a recurring 1-on-1, click Edit schedule, select For all 1-on-1s in this series, apply the desired schedule options, and Save. 

To avoid spamming participants, the system will only trigger a notification for further 1-on-1 if the time between the current date and the edited 1-on-1 date is in the next seven days.

New schedule options will be applied to all 1-on-1 series.


Delete options

To delete the schedule, of a recurring 1-on-1, click Edit schedule, select For all 1-on-1s in this series, then click on Delete scheduling and confirm action.

If all 1-on-1s in a series are deleted, the first active agenda is labeled unscheduled. That said, then all future agendas will be deleted and past agendas will automatically be wrapped up. If the agenda includes at least 1 talking point, it will be deleted when the member confirms the deletion of scheduling and the wrapped-up agenda will be kept.

To delete a 1-on-1, click Delete this 1-on-1 in the kebab menu and Confirm action.   EN Delete 1-on-1.jpg

EN Delete this 1-on-1.jpg

The selected 1-on-1 and all the associated content will be deleted, except action items.