Performance Review CSV export

Executive Managers and Cycle Owners require tools to manage their Performance projects, which contain information related to performance reviews, question responses, and other details on the work performances of various teams within your organization.

This information exists within Workleap Officevibe and can be accessed according to your assigned Performance roles, rights, and visibility

The new Export button provides the functionality to export a CSV file on the Review event page of Workleap Officevibe to help analyze the results and support the management's offline calibration and compensation decisions.

CSV Export is available in Performance > Cycles to all networks who purchased the Performance add-on.


To export a Performance Review CSV file in Workleap Officevibe, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Click Cycles under the Performance tab. 

Executive Managers and Cycle Owners are the only participants who can export CSV files containing Review event details.


Step 2: Select the Review event on the Cycles details page.


Step 3: Click the Export button on the Review event page.

There are two types of Performance Reviews - Direct Manager review and Self review.

  1. Direct Manager review: The review filled in by the Direct Manager to assess their employee's performance.
  2. Self review: The review filled in by any participant with a Direct Manager to assess their own performance.

The Export button feature is available on the Review event page after the Review event has started (based on the Self review start date or Manager review start date, whichever comes first).


Step 4: Select the review type and then click Export


  • Executive Managers can export reviews for all Review events.

  • Cycle Owners can export reviews only for Review events existing in Performance Cycles where they are assigned as a Cycle Owner.