Workleap Management App Overview

The Workleap Management App is your window into all things Workleap. Navigate between products, view updates and notifications, and set up your profile, all from the App!

Additionally, Admins and Executives can access your organization's Workleap settings.

You may not see all the elements described below depending on your role and subscription(s).


The topbar is always visible, no matter which Workleap product you're actively using. You can access all the elements described below from the topbar.

Select a product

To switch to another Workleap product, select from the topbar, then choose the desired product from the list.

Products that you're subscribed to appear first in the list, but you can also explore new Workleap products from the product selection list.


Don't miss out on anything new at Workleap! Select to see our latest product updates and releases. 


Have questions? Not to worry; we have answers! Select to search your active product's extensive help center. Enter keywords in the search bar and choose an article from the drop-down list or select from top suggestions. 

My profile

Select the profile icon, then Edit profile to personalize your Workleap profile. You can also switch workspaces and check out what's new with Workleap.

Workleap account settings carry over across all Workleap products.

Workleap settings

Select from the topbar to open the Workleap settings menu. Here, you can apply settings across all your Workleap products. 

For more information on Workleap settings, check out the following articles:

Product settings

Unlike Workleap settings, product settings are specific to a single Workleap product. Select the desired product from the side menu to access its product settings.

For more info on product settings, see: