Performance Management FAQ

Cycle dates, frequency & results

Is there an option to edit the review once it's submitted?

Employees can edit their review up until the Self-Review due date, even if they have already submitted the review before the due date. We do allow late submissions for employees, but they can't make edits once submitted if they are late.

Direct managers can edit their Manager Reviews up until the review event is closed by an Admin, meaning they can make edits past the Manager Review due date to account for any adjustments needed as part of a calibration process. Once the review event is closed, all edits are locked down.


What do you suggest for mid-year evaluations? Should the same evaluations be carried out several times on different dates, or should there be more cycles?

For mid-year evaluations, you can add several evaluation events in a single cycle, or create a different cycle for each assessment event - it's up to you. We don't have a recurring option, but it's quick to set up new events with the cadence of your choice. For more information on this process, please read Create your Performance Cycles.


I created a cycle with two different types of reviews over a year (6 months / 12 months), and wonder if there's a way to see the data at 6 months, or can the data only be seen once the cycle is closed?

The data will be visible for both reviews if they do two reviews in the same cycle. Both the employee and manager can access all review forms on the Reviews page, and managers can also see all reviews on the Member profile, under the new Reviews tab.


I added questions to each review for the members and was wondering if there's an easy way to export all the answers per member so I can establish trends. I believe this would help me prioritize and set up the right trainings for my employees.

The export feature will be coming soon which will allow you to export all review responses for all employees, not just selected participants.


In the analytics tab for HR, cycle owners can see the checkpoint summaries from the managers. Is this also visible to employees?

This summary is not visible to employees.


What happens to the Performance Cycle and 1-on-1 notes if an employee switches teams? Are the notes for 1-on-1s now available to the manager owning the review?

1-on-1 notes are always tied to the employees, regardless of the team or the Direct Manager.


Can more than one Direct Manager fill in a Manager review?

No; Direct Managers can assign a review template to themselves or to a different participant (who will also need to be assigned as a Direct Manager) within their organization. Only one Direct Manager can complete a review assigned to them.


Is it possible for the employee to leave comments on the Manager review or accept/acknowledge the Manager's review?

No; a Manager review cannot be accessed by other types of participants in Workleap Officevibe. For more information, please read Performance rights, roles, and visibility


The employees created a cycle with two events corresponding to their biennial appraisals. Some employees changed their immediate manager at the beginning of the cycle but before the start of the event.

The members' immediate managers were changed and these members transferred to their new teams. The new immediate managers, on the other hand, have no access to the evaluations.

So why do we allow immediate managers to be changed if this doesn't apply to events that haven't yet started (even if the cycle itself has)? What solution can be proposed?

Events (in cycles) can be changed up to their start date, and direct managers are "updated" before the event starts. As long as changes are made before the start of an event, the new direct manager is the one that is supposed to be linked to the member's assessment. In this case, the event had already started, which could explain why an assessment remained linked to another manager. Regardless of who started the assessment, it's the start date of the event that counts when talking about change.

This also means that you don't need to delete your second event created, as all changes made before the event starts will be taken into account! Changes made after the event has started will not be taken into account.


If the second event in the cycle is canceled, will members be informed, considering that the cycle has already begun? Or will they not be informed because the second event has not yet started?

Notification is only triggered for events that have already started. If an event is deleted before it has even started, the notification will never be sent.


When each event is closed: is it at the end date of the last event evaluation? If we close the event manually, what exactly will happen? Similarly, what happens if not everyone finishes their evaluations on time given that we can't change the dates once the event has started? If we want to extend the deadline after the end date, can employees still access the assessments if necessary?

Each event can only be closed manually; the event will not close automatically. If they are not closed, assessments can still be submitted, even if the due date has passed. This means that anyone who is overdue can still submit an assessment.



Automatic reminders: Do evaluation and cycle start dates trigger member e-mails?

As far as communications are concerned, we don't send out cycle-related communications at the moment. There are plans to add cycle-related communications in a future iteration for cycle owners - the future aim is to inform cycle owners if we detect problems before the cycle is launched.

However, we do send out communications concerning the evaluations to be carried out by the employee and/or their manager, when the evaluations start.


Can reminders be sent to members who haven't completed their reviews?

Reminders are already being sent to people who have not completed their assessment 3 days before the deadline. If someone hasn't received it, please send a request to our Support team at

To be more precise, Officevibe automatically sends reminders to participants when the assessment is opened, and then three days before the deadline.

  • If the self-assessment is late, the manager is informed.
  • If the manager's assessment is late, the cycle owner is notified. (This is the notification in the image you sent).
  • There's no way for you to send reminders through Officevibe as you can with invitations - you have to reach people on their own outside Officevibe.



Templates won't be lost if the cycles are over, will they?

The templates won't be lost if the cycles are over. They can be reused at any time.


Is it possible to submit an appraisal without filling in all the fields, or will the system prevent us from submitting an appraisal if some fields are incomplete?

This depends on how the evaluation template has been constructed. If every question is optional, an empty evaluation can be submitted. By default, however, all questions are mandatory. If you haven't changed this, your employees shouldn't be able to submit empty forms. All questions must be answered.


Direct Manager

If no Direct Manager is defined, how does this affect the process?

A Direct Manager can be defined for a member (for performance management) using the bulk import file (in Parameters), using a defined Property within the provisioning integration, or the member's Personal settings.

If no Direct Manager is defined, when an event reaches its start date, the evaluation will only start with currently valid members (i.e. active/inactive members who have a Direct Manager). Members will not be included in the event if they do not have a Direct Manager.


Do you need to be a Team Manager to be assigned as a Direct Manager?

Yes. For more information, please read the article on the Direct Manager field


Is there a way to upload direct managers in bulk?

Yes, this can be completed via the Direct Manager column of the bulk provisioning file, or via the synced properties in the HRIS integration


End of process/signatures

What is the member acceptance procedure once the manager has completed the evaluation? Is a signature required to confirm that the evaluation has been completed?

We don't currently have an acknowledgment in the application once the review has been completed, but it has been added to our roadmap as an opportunity. Note that you can export the review as a PDF, so you can manage the acknowledgement via the communication channel of your choice outside of Workleap Officevibe.


The self-evaluation test and the manager's evaluation have been completed, and we've realized that the employee doesn't see his manager's evaluation. How can we ensure that the employee has access to his manager's evaluation?

There will soon be a way of exporting a PDF of the manager's appraisal, which can then be forwarded to the employee. For the moment, there are no plans to offer this functionality directly in the application.

There will also be a CSV export for executive managers coming out around the same time. They'll be able to export several assessments at a time, and then in Excel, they'll be able to choose which information to keep, reformatting the export to their liking. With PDF export, there will be no customization of any kind (hiding questions, for example).


Goals & OKRs

Will Objectives/OKRs be included in PM in the future?

Objectives/OKRs will be included in Performance Management in the Context panel. Objectives will be visible in the context panel when employees perform self-assessments, and also for managers who assess their direct reports. This includes goal status and progress over the last 12 months (with some additional filters available to filter by status and time range). Note that the context panel will also be available in 1:1 meetings.



Does a team member only have access to his or her self-review and from his or her manager’s review?

A Team member can only see their self-review.

This is something we are hoping to improve in the future. It didn’t make it into the launch. We’d like to eventually give our users more control over what can (and can’t) be shared.

As a step towards that, we have an export feature coming up soon. Also, Direct Managers will be able to export and share their reviews. For more information, please read Performance rights, roles, and visibility.


Can we pull a report on how many people completed their reviews?

Yes, you can follow up on the progress of reviews in real-time. You will see exactly who has submitted their reviews, and if you want to run both self and manager reviews, you will have both statuses available.


Future features

There's no search option on the event page, which makes it difficult to find a particular employee among more than 100 members. Is this something you plan to add?

Yes, this should be added early next year!