Feedback Topics Report

Employee feedback goes hand-in-hand with engagement scores to provide organizations with important insight into overall employee engagement. Feedback adds context to engagement scores that help team managers and HR better understand their employees' engagement needs.

Our Feedback Participation Report already helps organizations measure feedback response rates across teams and managers, but we’re introducing the Feedback Topics Report to:

  • Provide insights into feedback across your organization
  • Analyze the sentiment of feedback (positive vs. constructive)
  • Highlight trends in the content of your organization’s feedback

This new report uses an AI technology called natural language processing (NLP) to detect and tag topics mentioned in the Feedback tab. The method used is not a simple keyword match. For example, when an employee mentions "pay" or "salary" in their feedback, the model automatically categorizes the feedback in the "compensation" topic in Workleap Officevibe. 

The model uses over 200 topics. Here are some examples of topics: recognition, support, visibility, and alignment. 

This report is only available to customers on our Pro or Business plans.

This new feature is available to Executive Managers in the Reports > Feedback tab of Workleap Officevibe.

  • The report includes the following types of feedback: Pulse Survey feedback, Smart Question feedback, Onboarding Survey feedback, and non-survey feedback.
  • Content not included in the report: Custom Survey text answers and Feedback replies (feedback replies are any additional comments that are part of the feedback conversation, the model only considers the initial feedback not subsequent replies).

To protect employee anonymity, you need at least 5 members in your organization to unlock the Feedback Topics Report.


What you have access to

As an Executive Manager:

  1. The overall feedback count of my organization in the last 30 days.

  2. A list of your organization's trending topics, ordered by the number of topic mentions.

    Topics are listed in the language selected by the Manager in Personal Settings - English or French but can contain feedback from multiple languages. For example, the Pulse Survey supports English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish user languages. 
  3. The number of mentions within each topic and the list of feedback containing the related conversations.

  4. The percentage of anonymous feedback across your organization and within each topic.

  5. The sentiment (positive or constructive) of pulse survey feedback and how it has changed over the last 30 days.

Even though the total feedback count is based on all feedback sources (Pulse Survey feedback, Smart Question feedback, Onboarding Survey feedback, and non-survey feedback), we only measure sentiment in the Pulse Survey questions. This means that the sentiment breakdown (positive and constructive) won’t add up to the total feedback count.


To view the topic mentioned in your organization’s feedback, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click Feedback under the Reports tab.


Step 2: You will see the list of topics along with the number of mentions. Click the upside-down triangle to sort the list in ascending or descending order.


Step 3: You can also search for specific topics using the search bar


Step 4: Click a feedback topic on the main page to access all of the feedback associated with that topic.


Step 5: You can see and click on related topics to discover other topics that may help you better understand trends in your organization’s feedback.