Rating Scale Customization


Cycle Owners and Executive Managers can customize a review template by setting up a rating scale per review in Workleap Officevibe. This feature allows you to collect specific feedback through a rating scale on the progress you and your employees have made within your organization.

Only one rating scale can be used per review template.


To set-up a review rating scale in Officevibe, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the Review templates button on the Performance Cycles page.

Please read Performance rights, roles, and visibility to understand the access permissions of different types of users in detail.


Step 2: Click +New review, or Edit an existing template as an entry point to customize a rating scale.


Step 3: You can start applying the rating scale to one or multiple sections of the new review form after entering the title and description in the selected area below.


Step 4: Click +Rating scale to apply rating scale to this question.

New templates created will use the Officevibe scale by default.


Step 5: You have the option to make it mandatory for selected participants to fill out this question before submitting their review. Check "Required" to enable this feature. 


Step 6: You can also select the type of reviews who will see this rating scale question. If you select "Manager only", other participants will not have this section visible on their review form to fill out before submission. 

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Step 7: Click Edit to customize the different levels of ratings as answers. 


Step 8: You can edit the Label and Description below and scroll down to add more levels to the rating scale as needed. Click Update to save changes.

A pre-filled 4-point rating scale is provided by default from Officevibe. A minimum of 2 rating scale points is required, with a maximum of 7 rating scale points to complete the customization process successfully. Once a rating scale is customized, the updated rating scale will apply to all rating questions in the review template.


Step 9: Click Save template to finish.

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