Officevibe becomes Workleap Officevibe - FAQ

1. Why did the name change in the first place?

Last June, we shared that our parent company, GSoft, would be rebranding to Workleap---a new home and ecosystem we've created to further expand and unify our family of employee experience software products to deliver more value to our customers. For more details, check out Officevibe becomes Workleap!


2. What does this mean for my subscription, price, support, and relationship with the Workleap Officevibe teams?

Your subscription, price, support, and relationship with the Workleap Officevibe teams won't be impacted by this change. As we continue to expand Workleap and build deeper integrations between our products, we will be sure to inform you well in advance of any significant changes. You can contact us with any additional questions at


3. Will there be any in-app changes?

Starting in March 2024, you'll be able to access Officevibe in the new Workleap platform alongside Workleap's other products. The new name and logo are visible in the app, marketing website, and communications.


4. What are the other Workleap products?

Workleap is an ecosystem of powerfully simple employee experience products that help you drive business excellence. Request a demo.

Workleap ecosystem includes:

  • Workleap Onboarding is software that transforms employee onboarding into a vibrant, organized, and efficient experience.
  • Workleap Officevibe is software designed to equip HR leaders and managers with the necessary tools to drive engagement, performance, and retention.
  • Workleap LMS is a learning management system designed to build, manage, and monitor employee training.
  • Workleap Skills is software that empowers people-first teams to map their skills, develop their talents, and accelerate their growth to create more engaging and productive workplaces.
  • ShareGate by Workleap, a leading Microsoft 365 management solution.


5. What does this mean for our users' experience? 

Starting in March, you'll gain access to Officevibe through the Workleap platform. This decision reflects our commitment to bring all our products together and create a unified platform to enhance your organization's employee experience.

Training videos will be updated to assist you: 


6. Does this mean employees will receive surveys from Workleap rather than Officevibe?

Employees will receive surveys from Workleap Officevibe. The logo and name will change, but the experience will not.


7. Will there be any service interruptions because of this change?

No. There won't be any service interruptions because of this change. However, some action from your IT team may be required.

Be sure to:


8. Will the URL for the app change?

Yes. Officevibe's application URL changed to on February 1st, 2024. Here's how your IT team can prepare: 

  • Add the new URL to your email safe sender list. 
  • Configure your firewall so that it doesn't block the new URL. 
  • Update the links in your intranet and internal documentation.

Note that this last step is optional as the old URLs will redirect to the new website automatically, but we encourage you to update them when possible.  


9. Will all products be integrated?

Yes. As we combine our existing family of products and future products, the Workleap platform will be your one-stop shop for onboarding new hires, performance management, talent development, team alignment, employee engagement, achievement celebration, productivity tool management, and more. To learn more, book a demo!


10. How will user management work in the new Workleap Ecosystem?

Starting in March, you'll be able to manage all your employees and teams via a centralized settings page in the Workleap platform. Workleap settings configurations will apply to all your Workleap products, including Officevibe.


11. Will the change impact user and team management integrations?

  • If you're managing employees manually or via a bulk edit file, all settings will transfer automatically, and you'll be able to access them through the Workleap Settings page. 
  • If you're using Officevibe-compatible HRIS integrations, we'll automatically import their configurations to the Workleap platform. 
  • If you're using native Officevibe integrations to provision users (e.g., Slack, Office365, Google, etc.), you'll have to reconnect them via Workleap settings. We will automatically import their configurations to the Workleap platform, but an admin must re-authenticate the integration the first time they connect to the platform. 
  • If you're using native Officevibe integrations for Single Sign-On, Survey delivery, and/or Feedback notifications (e.g., Slack, Office365, Google, etc.), we will seamlessly import their configurations into the Workleap platform without any disruptions for employees.
  • if you are using the native BambooHR integration from Officevibe, you'll need to reconnect using the HRIS options. The BammboHR integration will not be supported in the Workleap platform. 
  • If you're using  SAML to authenticate users, you will need to adapt the new URL and configurations to the Identity providers. Contact us for more info!
  • If you're using a custom integration via the Officevibe API, we are still evaluating the impact with the new platform and will provide more information in a future communication.