Performance Reviews for participants

A visual of Performance Reviews

A Performance Review is a customizable questionnaire form in Workleap Officevibe which allows the Cycle Owners and Executive Managers to collect reviews on the work performances of various teams within an organization.

There are two types of review forms - Manager Reviews and Self Reviews.

  • Manager review: The review filled in by the Direct Manager, to assess their employee's performance.
  • Self review: The review filled in by any participant with a Direct Manager, to assess their own performance. 

Both Manager Reviews and Self-Reviews are created only by Cycle Owners and/or Executive Managers for the purpose of Performance Management. Once a Review event is added to a Cycle by a Cycle Owner or Executive Manager, the assigned participants (team members and/or Direct Managers) can fill out the Review. A Manager cannot create a review but participates in Manager reviews, where they can review their direct reports.

See Performance roles, rights and visibility to understand how the different roles interact with this feature, their rights, and who has visibility on what.

For more information on creating performance reviews (for cycle owners and/or Executive Managers), see Create your Performance Reviews.

The Reviews page

All participants have access to the Reviews page, but the Team Members can only view and fill out the Review assigned to them by Cycle Owners and/or Executive Managers.  

The following information is visible on the Reviews page for Cycle owners, Executive Managers, and Direct Managers:

  • List of Active reviews
  • List of Past reviews
  • Start Date and Due Date of reviews
  • Reviewee's full name
  • Status of a review - Not Started, Upcoming, In progress, Not Submitted, Overdue, or Submitted

When reviews are assigned and have a start date and a due date, a notification is automatically sent to the reviewee via their preferred contact method on the event start date.

A single Review event with both review types may have different start and due dates. One review type might start before the other. If that happens, the review is marked as “Upcoming”. 

Once the due date has passed, the reviewee can still submit their Review as long as the Review event has not been closed.

Completing a review form

Click on a review to start (or resume) filling it out, then click Submit at the bottom of the page when you're done. You can also click Save as draft to continue later. A review can be submitted even past the due date as long as the Review event has not been closed yet.

Managers cannot see the results until the review is submitted. If they click on "View Review" when a review is Not Started or In Progress, they cannot see the results.