Manage and track your Performance Cycles

Cycle Owners and/or Executive Managers can manage and track their Performance Cycles to create an ecosystem that fosters engagement within an organization. 

Setting up a Performance management flow can be a challenging task and you may need the flexibility to set up a new Cycle with all the details related to the:

  • Title of the Cycle,
  • Participants,
  • Cycle Owners,
  • Date of the Cycle launch,
  • Number of Events,
  • Start Date and Due Date of Review Events,
  • Details of the Review questionnaires.

All the above details are needed to complete the launch of a Cycle successfully and you may be required to edit, track, and delete the details from time to time. 


Edit a Cycle

Step 1: Click Cycles under the Performance tab to view the list of all Cycles. 

The Cycle Owner and Executive Manager cannot edit a Cycle after a participant has completed their Review Event.


Step 2: Click the three-dotted icon next to the Cycle status and then click Edit.


Step 3: You can edit the details as required and then click Continue. This will automatically save the changes in Workleap Officevibe!


Track the Status of a Cycle

You can view the status of a Cycle on the Cycles main page to track your progress.


You will see the status of a Cycle as one of the following:

  • Draft: The Cycle is not launched yet and you may still be filling out the new Cycle details
  • Upcoming: The Cycle launch happens in the future based on the start date of the first Event. 
  • Active: The Cycle is in-progress based on the set launch date.
  • Overdue: The last Event due date has passed (it is possible that some participants have not finished all the Events).
  • Archived: The Cycle is archived/deleted.


Delete a Cycle

You can delete a Cycle in a "Draft" status mode on the Cycles page. Click the three-dotted icon next to the status and then click Delete.

The Cycle Owners and Executive Managers cannot delete a Cycle after launching it.