Create your Performance Reviews

A Performance Review is a customizable questionnaire form in Workleap Officevibe which allows the Cycle Owners and Executive Managers to collect reviews on the work performances of various teams within an organization.

There are two types of review forms - Manager Reviews and Self Reviews.

  • Manager review: The review filled in by the Direct Manager, to assess their employee's performance.
  • Self review: The review filled in by any participant with a Direct Manager, to assess their own performance. 

Both Manager Reviews and Self Reviews are created by Cycle Owners and/or Executive Managers for the purpose of Performance Management. A Manager cannot create a review but participates in Manager reviews where they can review their direct reports.

Please see Performance roles, rights and visibility to understand how the different roles interact with this feature, their rights, and who has visibility on what.


Create a Review

The Review templates page is accessible on the Cycles tab. This page is only available to Executive Managers, or Cycle Owners. 


Step 1: To create a review, click the New review button which will direct you to the New review template page. 


Step 2: On the New review template page, you will be able to enter the following details:

  • Review title
  • Description
  • Review type - Direct Manager review and/or Self review


Step 3: You can customize a Section by entering the title, description, and then the selecting the question type as Text, Rating scale, or Multiple choice. 

To add new section, click the Add section button.


Step 4: Once you have filled out the New review template details, you can click Save template to finish.  

Once the template is saved, it will appear on the Review Templates page, which is only accessible to Executive Managers, or Cycle Owners. 


Submit a Review

You can create custom review templates or use the Officevibe template while getting started. 

Employees and Managers do not have the access privilege to Review templates. To complete a review, they must go to the Reviews page created by the Executive/Direct Manager.


Step 1: To submit a review, you can select the Review template and fill out the details as per the field type - description or multiple choice questions. 


Step 2: Click Submit to finish or Save as draft to edit later. 



Edit a Review

All Managers and Team Members will be able to edit the Review details on the Reviews tab until it is marked as Submitted

Employees can make edits to their self review after it is submitted, as long as it is before the self review due date. Managers can edit the Manager Review after it is submitted until the event is closed.


View a Review

You can view the reviews on the Reviews tab for all review types - Manager reviews and Self reviews


To view a review, hover your mouse over the Team's name and then click View review.