Create your Performance Cycles

A Performance Cycle is a tool that Executive Managers can use to bundle a series of performance reviews into one package and assign it to multiple individuals or teams at once. Each performance review included in the cycle is called an event, and each event will be given a start date (when it becomes visible to the assignees) and an end date (the due date).

As an Executive Manager, you'll be able to track the status of performance cycles (upcoming, active, draft, etc.) and who has completed the events within those cycles.

Once you've created a cycle, you can manage and track it.

A visual of Performance cycles

You will start by going to the Performance cycle page, then you will walk through the creation pages to create the cycle.

1. Get started with creating a cycle

  1. Expand the Performance option in the lefthand menu, then click Cycles.
  2. Click + New cycle in the top-right corner of the page.

The first page of cycle creation looks like this:

2. Specify the main information

Enter the following information:

  • Title: The name of the cycle. It should summarize the purpose of the events within the cycle. For example, a good title for a cycle regarding the yearly performance reviews of the sales team could be titled "Sales Team Review Cycle"
  • Description: This is optional. It will appear below the title and gives participants extra context.
  • Launch date: The date that the cycle will appear to participants.
  • Cycle owners: The individuals you add as cycle owners will be able to see the details of the performance cycle and add/remove events.

Click Save and continue to proceed.

3. Add participants

Each Participant will need to have a Direct Manager to participate. Here is the full article on how members can be assigned Direct Managers manually or automatically.

Participants can be added to a Cycle in one of the following ways:

  • Entire organization: Use this option to add every member in the organization.
  • Teams or members: Use this option to add individuals or teams.

For both options, only members with a direct manager will be able to participate.

If you want to exclude certain individuals or teams, click Exclude specific teams or members, then enter the teams or members to exclude.

Click Save and continue to proceed.

4. Add events to the cycle

Click Create a review event to add a performance review to the cycle. You'll be prompted to select a Performance Review template. You can select an existing template or click New template to create a new one. For information on creating a new template, see Create your Performance Reviews.

If you want to see how a template looks, hover over it and click Preview on the right-hand side. The template preview will open in a new tab. When you're done previewing the template, close that tab to return.

You'll be prompted to enter the start date (when it becomes visible to the participants) and end date (the due date). If the review template you selected has both a manager review and a self-review, you'll be prompted for two start and end dates. Participants will be notified to complete the review when the start date arrives, and they will see the due date.

Note: Participants can still complete the review even after the end date as long as the event hasn't been closed by one of the cycle owners. 

Add more events as needed, then click Save and continue to proceed.

5. Finalize and launch

On the final page, you'll see a summary of your performance cycle. If any of the participants added earlier do not have a Direct Manager assigned to them, you'll see a warning. If you are okay with excluding those members, you can ignore the warning.

Here is an example:

Click Ready for launch to create and launch your performance cycle.