DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) Survey & Report


This feature is only available to customers on our Enterprise Business or Pro plan (excluding customers using our Essential or Freemium plans).

Workleap Officevibe has a report to help you calibrate how your Members feel about representation at work.


Why should DEIB be measured in my organization?

Gathering DEIB insights is a commitment to nurture a culture that values the perspectives and experiences of every individual, regardless of background.


A visual of our DEIB Survey

The recurring Survey contains 20 questions, regrouped in the four following themes; 

  1. Diversity
  2. Inclusion
  3. Equity
  4. Belonging

Activate the survey

Only Admins or Admin+EM roles can enable the survey. 

The DEIB survey needs to be activated via EN Settings Icon.jpg > Surveys and as a periodic amendment to the pulse survey. Similar to our Pulse and Onboarding Survey, there is no way to modify the set of DEIB questions.

If a member is less than 6 weeks past their hiring date and has not yet completed their Onboarding survey, they will need to make sure to complete it before they can answer any DEIB or regular Pulse Survey. However, if a member is more than 6 weeks away from their hiring date, they will receive the regular Pulse Survey accompanied by a DEIB survey attached. 

DEIB-related questions will not be included in regular Workleap Officevibe Pulse survey questions to not impact the Pulse survey accuracy. This is also to ensure that Team Members are clear on the fact that the organization is surveying them on this specific topic.

Since we append the DEIB survey to the Pulse Survey, the Pulse Survey needs to be enabled for the DEIB survey to be distributed.

Survey frequency 

The DEIB survey will follow the pulse survey every month. Assuming a member answers their pulse survey in line with their frequency settings, that would look like this:


You must Enable Pulse Survey to proceed to Survey frequency. 

  • Weekly frequency: the DEIB survey will follow the pulse survey every fourth survey.
  • Bi-weekly frequency: the DEIB survey will follow the pulse survey every second survey.
  • Monthly frequency: the DEIB survey will follow the pulse survey every survey. If a member answers their pulse survey more frequently than their frequency settings (i.e., they answer the pulse survey multiple times a week), they will still only receive the DEIB survey questions once a month.

There are 5 DEIB survey questions attached to every survey frequency above. The full set of DEIB questions is repeated 3 times a year but results are refreshed monthly.

Scroll down on the Surveys Settings page to Enable DEIB Survey feature. 


The DEIB report

The report is accessible by clicking on Surveys > DEIB in the side-option menu. This report's results are only visible to Executive Managers

DEIB No Export Report.jpg


Each of the four themes' results is aggregated into its own designated section. Hover over a themed section's results to view the breakdown of each question. 


Dotted line report

If you see dotted lines/missing data on your report, this is what it could mean; 

  1. The survey was never launched. 
  2. Less than 3 members have answered a DIEB survey. 
  3. The survey was paused and later resumed.

EN DEIB Dotted line report.jpg


Important information

  1. The DEIB survey will be deactivated by default. This will then require an Administrator to enable it via the EN Settings Icon.jpg icon > Surveys.
  2. The full set of DEIB results will be refreshed 3 times/year for every pulse survey frequency.
  3. DEIB results are only visible to Executive Managers
  4. The anonymity rules of the standard Pulse Survey carry over to DEIB surveys. This means all questions are anonymous by default and require the same number of answers before data will be available to Executive Managers.
  5. The DEIB report appears under the Surveys tab in the side menu.
  6. The DEIB report groups questions of the same themes and provides a summary score for each theme.
  7. Similar to the pulse survey, the results of the DEIB report will be unlocked once at least three members of the organization have provided answers to at least three different questions in the DEIB survey
  8. The overall score is an average of all the questions that have been answered in the DEIB survey
  9. The theme score is an average of all of the unlocked questions for that theme.
  10. The theme scores themselves do not impact the overall score. Overall scores are an average of all the questions answered that have been answered in the DEIB survey.