Goals: Participation and Alignment Report


This feature is only available to customers using our Essential or Pro plan (excluding customers on the Freemium plan).


There are numerous perspectives on how your Teams or Members utilize Goals we are determined to help you navigate these. 

A visual of Goals


Company Goals create an aligned workforce, which helps to better achieve broader organizational Goals by tackling them one at a time. 


The Report

Our Goals report will be accessible to Administrators, Executive, and Team Managers.

Managers will be able to view and filter for private and public goals for their direct and indirect reports, while administrators will be able to view and filter for private and public goals for the entire company.

  • Accessible to Essential and Pro Officevibe accounts.
  • Accessible to Administrators, Executive, and Team Managers.
  • Team Managers can only view their Team(s) in the Report.


Breakdown your Report

Using the report provides visibility on team participation and alignment. 

What you gain visibility on; 

  • Goal per team total (active and inactive).
  • % of Members who own a Goal.
  • % of alignment on the number of Goals aligned with an organizational Goal. This includes any Goal linked (directly or indirectly) to organizational Goals. 
  • Date of the last updated Goal.

A Goal owner will not be able to filter by a specific Team Member. 


EN Goals Report stats.jpg


Members with Goals (displays active Goals): 

Number of Members who own a Goal within the organization. 

Organization alignment: 

The number of Goals linked to organizational Goals. 

Updated in last 30 days:


Number of Goals updated in the last 30 days.


The different statuses of your organization or team goals. 

  • Complete
  • On track 
  • Delayed 
  • At risk

A Goal can only have one owner. This means that a sole person is accountable for the overall success of the set Goal. Any other Team or Member contributing to the Goal should be linked to the parent Goal as a sub-goal.


Filter, search, and sort data

Break down the Goals report even deeper by leveraging the filtering options. Use the Teams tab to help narrow down the specific Team you are trying to identify Goals for - an All Teams dropdown option is available for precise selection.

Use the Owners tab to help narrow down the Owner of a created Goal - an Owner dropdown option is available for precise selection.

EN Goals Report.jpg


Date Range

The date range dropdown provides visibility on Goals within the following range: 

  • All time
  • Past 3 months
  • Past 6 months
  • Past 12 months


Goal Type 

We have three different Goal types, and our Goals and OKRs in Officevibe article will provide the answers to all your questions. 

The Goal type dropdown provides the following options:

  • All Goal types
  • Organizational =  1st hierarchal layer.
  • Team = 2nd hierarchal layer.
  • Individual = 3rd hierarchal layer.


Active Goals 

The Active column includes all; completed, on track, delayed and at risk Goals.



The Alignment column displays the number of Goals directly or indirectly tied to an organizational goal (active goals only).


Progress updated

The Progress updated column displays the latest date when a goal was updated within the team on the same row.