Onboarding surveys

Who does what

You can survey and report on your new hires with a purpose-built Onboarding Survey.

The Onboarding Survey and report are available with our Pro plan. Users have different levels of access to this feature depending on their role:

  • Account Administrators and Executive Managers can enable or disable the feature.
  • Executive Managers have access to the Onboarding report and can view and respond to written feedback on survey questions.
  • Team Managers can view and reply to survey feedback.

Survey Questions

Our Onboarding Survey comprises 20 questions delivered over four weeks (5 questions per week). Once the four weeks have passed, Officevibe's regular Pulse Survey experience begins.

The overall onboarding flow

  1. The first time the new Member signs up and logs into the platform, the Onboarding Survey process occurs.
    • If a question is skipped, it is considered answered and will not be asked again.
    • During this onboarding survey period, these members do not receive Good Vibes, Smart questions, or open-ended question activities (but you can append a custom survey question to the end of the onboarding survey, in the same way you can do append it after a Pulse Survey).
    • Onboarding surveys always include a follow-up question. Text-based follow-up questions are not anonymous by default.
    • If the new member activates their account more than one month after their set hiring date, they will not have this onboarding experience.
  2. The second time they log in, they will gain access to Officevibe's regular experience.
  3. The onboarding survey is sent weekly, regardless of the general survey frequency defined by the organization, but the new members can customize the frequency for themselves.
  4. The member will then start receiving Pulse Surveys regularly, just like all other organization members.

A minimum of 3 respondents must have answered the Onboarding survey for results to be visible in a team – this is to maintain consistency with other reports and to preserve anonymity.


The Onboarding report can be filtered by Team and date range. It displays the overall onboarding score and questions across the three themes: culture and connection, onboarding experience, and role and expectations.

Each theme's current score is displayed for the selected date range, and the increase/decrease in the score compared to the previous date range of the same length is also displayed. Both the current score and the change in score are only displayed if there is enough data.

Export your Report

Executive managers can download and export Onboarding Survey data from Workleap Officevibe.

Note:The feature overall is only available on Pro and Enterprise plans.

How to

Expand the Surveys option on the lefthand menu, then click Onboarding. Click the Export button at the top-right of the page.

Things to consider

The export will always show data from the last 12 months, grouped by month. If less than 3 different users answered the survey in a given month, that month's data will display "0" for all answers to protect anonymity.


View all feedback for a specific onboarding question by clicking on the speech bubble icon next to the question. A popup will appear displaying the question(s). Click on a question to go to the feedback page and respond to it.

Caution: Feedback collected during onboarding is not anonymous.

Enable or disable the onboarding survey

Administrators and Executive Managers can enable or disable the Onboarding Survey feature via their settings hub.

  1. Click on the Settings iconEN_Settings_Icon.jpg
  2. Click Officevibe from the lefthand menu.
  3. Click Surveys.
  4. Scroll down to Onboarding Survey, toggle it on or off, then click Update.

Hire date

The Onboarding survey is sent using the Members’ Hire Date. The Hire Date can be added manually when adding new Members or pulled via one of our integrations

EN Hire Date.jpg