Onboarding surveys

Onboarding Survey and Report

You can survey and report on your new hires with a purpose-built Onboarding Survey.

The Onboarding Survey and report are available with our Pro plan. Users have different levels of access to this feature depending on their role:

  • Account Administrators can enable or disable the feature.
  • Executive Managers have access to the Onboarding report and can view and respond to written feedback on survey questions.
  • Team Managers can view and reply to survey feedback.

What you need to know:

Survey Questions

Our Onboarding Survey comprises 20 questions delivered over four weeks (5 questions per week). Once the four weeks have passed, Officevibe's regular Pulse Survey experience begins.

Important information

  1. The Onboarding Survey process occurs once the new Member signs up. As of the second time the Member logs into the platform, they will then gain access to Officevibe's regular experience. 
  2. When a member skips a question, it is considered answered and will not be asked again. 
  3.  A minimum of 3 respondents must have answered the Onboarding survey for results to be visible in a team – this is to maintain consistency with other reports and to also preserve anonymity. 
  4. Once all onboarding questions are answered, new members will begin receiving the Pulse survey regularly, as all other organization members. 
  5. During the Onboarding Survey period, new team members do not receive; Good Vibes, Smart questions, or open-ended question activities.
  6. A Custom Survey question, however, can be asked after the Onboarding Survey, the same way they can appear after a Pulse Survey. 
  7. Survey settings defined by the Team Member (day, time, and delivery method) apply to the Onboarding Survey as well. 
  8. The Survey frequency defined by the organization, however, does not apply to the Onboarding Survey, as this one is sent weekly by default.  
  9. Text-based follow-up questions defaulted to appear as non-anonymous
  10. Onboarding Survey questions always include follow-up questions.
  11. Suppose a Team Member activates their account, and the hiring date exceeds the activation date by over one month. In that case, the Team Member begins the usual Pulse Survey experience, and no Onboarding start date is set. 



The Onboarding report can be filtered by Team and date. It displays the onboarding score and questions across three-question categories: culture and connection, onboarding experience, and role and expectations



View all feedback for a specific onboarding question by clicking on the speech bubble icon next to the question. 


It’s important to note that feedback collected during onboarding is not anonymous.

To reply to feedback, click on the specific item requiring a reply and use the feedback tool as you would for any other feedback collected in Officevibe.



Administrators can enable or disable the Onboarding Survey feature via their settings hub. Click on the Settings iconEN_Settings_Icon.jpg > Features tab > Surveys > Toggle the Onboarding Survey slider to your preferred selection. 





Hire date

The Onboarding survey is sent using the Members’ Hire Date. The Hire Date can be added manually when adding new Members or pulled via one of our integrations